• 4-Hydroxybenzophenone/4-Chloro-4'-hydroxybenzophenone/4'-Hydroxypropiophenone/4'-Hydroxyvalerophenon
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      2. Jiangsu Haixiang Chemical Industry Co. Ltd
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        Sales Department 1:Annie
        Tel: +86-519-82311677
        Sales Department 2: Eva
        Tel: +86-519-82331677
        Sales Department 3: Arthur
        Tel: +86-519-82310808

        Jiangsu Haixiang Chemical Industry Co. Ltd .locates in Yangtze River delta with the developed economy, excellent environment and convenient traffic. The company is a high and new technology enterprise of Jiangsu province and mainly engaged in the research, production, export and import of fine chemicals, such as electronic chemicals, pesticide intermediates, medicine intermediates.

        The company has two production bases, one is in Jintan Salt Chemical Zone and the other is in Xinyi Economy Development Zone. These two production bases together hold land area of 143,500 square meters, including 30,000 square meters building area with the complete facilities of water, electricity, gas and environmental installations. More than 200 reactive kettles from 100 L to 5,000 L have been set in our company. Our company is the research base for Jiangsu polytechnic university,besides, we also get our brainpower research and design group, which is buildup by famous professors and doctors from several top universities in China such as Nanjing University and Zhejiang University. Due to the innovation, we have cooperated with the Chemistry-Academy of Nanjing University of Technology to set up the "Product Development Center", On sales, Our company have self-imports and exports right, we have set our international trading department in Shanghai.

        The company has passed the ISO 9001 International Quality Management System Certification, ISO 14001 International Environment Management System Certification. Our implementation of quality management, quality control and quality improvement are strictly following the systems, which help us to achieve energy-saving and pollutant emission reduction. We insist on the principle of environmental protection priority and take the road of sustainable development. We also insist on the guidance of Technology, focus on both innovation and production. Since the establishment of the company in 1999, we have successfully developed more than ten types' new fine chemical products, which are in the six series of Ketone, Pyrimidine, Imidazole, Sulfonamide, Triazine and Carboxylicacid. Most of our products are mainly sold to Germany, France, Japan, America, Italy, Singapore and India etc. In line with the principle of "Quality first, reputation upmost and better after-sales service ", together with our high quality products and on time delivery, we won the respect and trust from our customers and very good reputation in this industry.

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