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02/11/05 12:00AM
Total Collected:
US$ 69,122.10

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» 03/21/05: 848 school children enjoy FREE after school enrichment programs courtesy of ARF
» 03/12/05: Aceh Relief Fund is now incorporated
» 03/07/05: Coming Soon: Mobile library for the children in Banda Aceh
» 03/02/05: We have a logo!

Update on Aceh Relief Fund
Monday, March 21, 2005, 3:00 PM EST

848 school children enjoy FREE after school enrichment programs courtesy of ARF

March 1st 2005 marks another important chapter to ARF’s involvement in relief and rebuilding initiative in Aceh. As many as 848 school children has registered themselves for after school enrichment programs at Phi-Beta Learning Center (PBLC). They can now enjoy the programs for FREE, courtesy of ARF.

Prior to the tsunami, after school enrichment programs are very common among school children in Aceh. The programs provide additional tuition on normal school curriculum to school children as extension to what is being taught in school. In addition, such programs provide repertoire of learning activities that help to enrich and improve the children schooling experience. Private agencies are the major provider for these programs in Aceh. PBLC was one such agency.

PBLC was very popular among school children and families in Banda Aceh as it offered quality enrichment programs for school children. In addition, the center also ran programs for local communities as part of its public service activities. PBLC was a semi-profit organization where parents had to pay nominal fees to have their children attend its program.

Post tsunami, after undergoing rehabilitation program sponsored by ARF, PBLC is now able to offer its program for free to school children in Banda Aceh. This arrangement will be sustained for a few months, depending on the availability of future funding from ARF.


A day after the tsunami struck. Many parts of PBLC are still flooded by sea water. Picture by ARF.


PBLC on Jan 3rd. Although the building was located at the tail end of the tsunami, the water nearly reached its ceiling! Picture by ARF.


The PBLC computer lab was completely destroyed. Picture by ARF.

At any one time, student enrollment prior the tsunami constantly reaching 1100. When the center re-opened its door for a new schooling session on March 1st 2005, only 386 students from previous session returned. The fates of the nearly 800 students remain uncountable. Nevertheless, after the news that PBLC is offering its programs for free, a total of 462 new students register for the program. Currently the center has 848 students in its enrollment, all enjoying its program for FREE.


A banner outside the PBLC translates to “Wake Up! Aceh Recover", "FREE Enrichment Study & Counseling", and a small text "Supported by Aceh Relief Fund - Central New York”. Picture taken by Kari and Kelly. Click to enlarge the image.


You can see from the pictures below, that the students are eager to go on with their learning. Such optimism is what is needed in order for them to have a fresh start. As reported by Kelly and Kari, the people of Aceh has shown amazing resilient in the face of the worst ever calamity to hit the world in modern times. Thanks to you, supporters and donors of ARF, the children of Aceh too can see better future awaits them.

Teachers underwent training on trauma management at PBLC several days before the center was re-opened. Notice the interior of the center has been completely restored. Picture by ARF


Students checking for their classes on the second day after the center was reopened. Picture by ARF.


More students came to enroll upon hearing that tuition fees are being waived, courtesy of ARF. Picture by ARF.


High school students are among the first to attend learning programs at PBLC.

Here’s the latest breakdown of student enrollment at PBLC (as of March 18, 2005):

Type Level Equivalent in US (Grade) Enrollment
Elementary School 4 4 11
5 5 33
6 6 39
Middle School 1 7 42
2 8 53
3 9 94
High School 1 10 65
2 11 123
3 IPA 12 388




Update on Aceh Relief Fund
Saturday, March 12, 2005, 9:25 PM EST

Aceh Relief Fund is now incorporated

Aceh Relief Fund which is based in Ithaca, the home of Cornell University in the Finger Lakes region has successfully been incorporated in the State of New York as a not-for-profit organization as of March 1st 2005. Aceh Relief Fund has also received its official Federal Taxpayer Identification Number [EIN #: 20-2420754] from the IRS. With this new status, contributors can claim federal tax deductions for contributions made on or after the date of ARF incorporation.

ARF is managed by a six member team at the forefront of the organization since its inception. Below is the list of the executive officers:

Executive Officers

Mazalan Kamis  Executive Director
Sorayya Khan  Executive Secretary
Zevi Azzaino  Planning and IT Director
Saiful Mahdi  Community Service Director
Upik Djalins  Program Director
Peggy Robinson  Outreach Director

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our attorney, Elena Salerno Flash and her associate, Mary J. Schubert, both from the Ithaca based law firm True Walsh & Miller, for providing pro-bono assistance to ARF.

The organization is fortunate to have dedicated and active volunteers in the United States and Aceh. Our volunteers in the US offer their time and talents to help raise funds and create greater awareness of ARF’s mission. Our volunteers in Aceh are invaluable in ARF’s relief and rebuilding efforts. We are working together in common pursuit of ARF’s mission to alleviate the suffering of the tsunami victims in Aceh. Aceh Relief Fund will not be where it is now without contributions and hard work of our volunteers. And, most importantly, we would like to give our deepest appreciation to you, donors and supporters of Aceh Relief Fund. Below is the list of our volunteers:

Volunteers and Affiliates in the US

Alish Soepangkat  DC
Lily Han  DC
Trisiawati  DC
Afridal Darmi  IL
Adi D. Adinugroho  IN
Rennta Chrisdiana  MI
A. Rulianto  NC
Rubi Sugana  NC
Sadharga Koesbandana  NC
Abang Edwin  NY
Ariani  NY
Dani Satyawan  NY
Dian Rubianti  NY
Derek Cabrera  NY
Eddy Suheri  NY
Hakiem Nankoe  NY
Hilary Oran  NY
Imran Younus  NY
Inggita Notosusanto  NY
Jason Graves  NY
Kari Krakow  NY
Kelly Craft  NY
Kenny Lim  NY
Leah Mayor  NY
Lisa Karrer  NY
Margo Nankoe  NY
Muhammad Zaini  NY
Paula Jones  NY
Rais Imran  NY
Steward Auyash  NY
Susan Cabrera  NY
Zufar Shahren  NY
Vasu Malepati MD  PA
Lisa Loomis  VT
Please refer to the official State Abbreviations by USPS, click here.

Volunteers and Affiliates in Aceh, Indonesia

Contact Person Organization Cell/Telephone/Fax
Asraf Fuady People Crisis Center (PCC), Banda Aceh.
53 volunteers
T. (62-651) 740 7479
Sabri and Widiastuti Phi-Beta Learning Center, Banda Aceh.
45 volunteers
T. (62-651) 21094
F. (62-651) 63 6194
Muhyiddin Yayasan Masyarakat Iqra (Reading Society Foundation), Banda Aceh.
23 volunteers
T. (62-651) 21094
Andi and Iin Meulaboh Crisis Center (MCC), Aceh Barat.
22 volunteers
C. (62-813) 616 32604
Hermanto Children Media Center, Banda Aceh.
15 volunteers
C. (62-815) 3377 9055
Tarmizi People's Forum, Aceh.
212 volunteers
C. (62-812) 684 183
Abubakar Ishak Punge Jurong V Neighborhood.
150 volunteers
C. (62-813) 624 03124
Elly Sufriadi College of Sciences Emergency Task Force, Syiah Kuala University, Banda Aceh.
9 volunteers
C. (62-811) 688 675


Update on Aceh Relief Fund
Monday, March 7, 2005, 9:00 AM EST

Coming Soon: Mobile library for the children in Banda Aceh

Aceh Relief Fund is in the process of setting up a mobile library which will be in operation soon to visit the children in emergency camps. Aceh Relief Fund is working on a joint project with an Indonesian based NGO, 1001buku, and Aceh based NGO, Acehkids.org to deliver books to Aceh children. Books collected from various points in Java are sent to Aceh Relief Fund home base in Banda Aceh, and are distributed through Aceh Relief Fund volunteers.

Saiful Mahdi, our representative in Aceh, reported that the first shipment of nine boxes of books have already arrived in Aceh. ARF is drawing up schedule to visit camps and villagers where kids will be encouraged to borrow books and take part in fun learning activities. Learning modules for children that mobile library volunteers can run to complement reading activity are currently being designed.

ARF have been granted a contribution that is specifically aimed to help run this program for three months. ARF will need more money to ensure that this program can be sustained for a longer period. Please contact us if you want to help with this activity.


Update on Aceh Relief Fund
Wednesday, March 2, 2005

We have a logo!

The logo consists of two reaching hands in a skewed bluish box. Viewed together, the helping and reaching hands outline the destructive tsunami waves which caused so much horror in Aceh. At the same time, the hands represent the vision and mission of ARF: to help alleviate the suffering of those Acehnese affected by the tsunami. The white hand also signals the opening up of Aceh province after being isolated for decades, while the aqua blue hand represents the sea water that brings both happiness and sadness to the province. [read more]