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02/11/05 12:00AM
Total Collected:
US$ 69,122.10

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What Our Logo Means

The Aceh Relief Fund logo is designed by Dani Satyawan, currently a graduate student at Cornell University, who so generously offered to donate his expertise to ARF.

The logo consists of two reaching hands in a skewed bluish box. Viewed together, the helping and reaching hands outline the destructive tsunami waves which caused so much horror in Aceh. At the same time, the hands represent the vision and mission of ARF: to help alleviate the suffering of those Acehnese affected by the tsunami. The white hand also signals the opening up of Aceh province after being isolated for decades, while the aqua blue hand represents the sea water that brings both happiness and sadness to the province.

The skewed box reflects both the state of mind of the Acehnese and the general conditions in Aceh after being struck by the staggering earthquake and swallowed by the tsunami. The province finds itself distorted from reality or shaken from normalcy. The various shades of blue represent calmness and peacefulness and embody these hopes for the new Aceh which ARF will try to facilitate in its own small but effective way.