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02/11/05 12:00AM
Total Collected:
US$ 69,122.10

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Our Executive Team

ARF is managed by a six member executive team, who are also members of the ARF Board of Directors. The team has been at the forefront of the organization since its inception.

Below is the list of the executive officers:

Executive Officers

Mazalan Kamis  Executive Director
Sorayya Khan  Executive Secretary
Zevi Azzaino  Planning and IT Director
Saiful Mahdi  Community Service Director
Upik Djalins  Program Director
Peggy Robinson  Outreach Director

Our Volunteers

Our volunteers in the US offer their time and talents to help raise funds and create greater awareness of ARF’s mission. Our volunteers in Aceh are invaluable in ARF’s relief and rebuilding efforts. We are working together in common pursuit of ARF’s mission to alleviate the suffering of the tsunami victims in Aceh. Aceh Relief Fund will not be where it is now without contributions and hard work of our volunteers. Below is the list of our volunteers:

Volunteers and Affiliates in the US

Alish Soepangkat  DC
Lily Han  DC
Trisiawati  DC
Afridal Darmi  IL
Adi D. Adinugroho  IN
Rennta Chrisdiana  MI
A. Rulianto  NC
Rubi Sugana  NC
Sadharga Koesbandana  NC
Abang Edwin  NY
Ariani  NY
Dani Satyawan  NY
Dian Rubianti  NY
Derek Cabrera  NY
Eddy Suheri  NY
Hakiem Nankoe  NY
Hilary Oran  NY
Imran Younus  NY
Inggita Notosusanto  NY
Jason Graves  NY
Kari Krakow  NY
Kelly Craft  NY
Kenny Lim  NY
Leah Mayor  NY
Lisa Karrer  NY
Margo Nankoe  NY
Muhammad Zaini  NY
Paula Jones  NY
Rais Imran  NY
Steward Auyash  NY
Susan Cabrera  NY
Zufar Shahren  NY
Vasu Malepati MD  PA
Lisa Loomis  VT
Please refer to the official State Abbreviations by USPS, click here.

Volunteers and Affiliates in Aceh, Indonesia

Contact Person Organization Cell/Telephone/Fax
Asraf Fuady People Crisis Center (PCC), Banda Aceh.
53 volunteers
T. (62-651) 740 7479
Sabri and Widiastuti Phi-Beta Learning Center, Banda Aceh.
45 volunteers
T. (62-651) 21094
F. (62-651) 63 6194
Muhyiddin Yayasan Masyarakat Iqra (Reading Society Foundation), Banda Aceh.
23 volunteers
T. (62-651) 21094
Andi and Iin Meulaboh Crisis Center (MCC), Aceh Barat.
22 volunteers
C. (62-813) 616 32604
Hermanto Children Media Center, Banda Aceh.
15 volunteers
C. (62-815) 3377 9055
Tarmizi People's Forum, Aceh.
212 volunteers
C. (62-812) 684 183
Abubakar Ishak Punge Jurong V Neighborhood.
150 volunteers
C. (62-813) 624 03124
Elly Sufriadi College of Sciences Emergency Task Force, Syiah Kuala University, Banda Aceh.
9 volunteers
C. (62-811) 688 675